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What is Fangirl Enterprises?

Welcome to Fangirl Enterprises's new website.  Fangirl Enterprises is the creation of Jessica Dwyer as a home to her creative & business endeavors.  You can explore the site to learn more about what Fangirl Enterprises is and what Jessica and Fangirl can do for you.


Fangirl Enterprises will give you updates and news on Jessica's work as well as where you can catch her next.  You can shop for Fangirl merchandise, Jessica's books, and more.  


Do you have an upcoming convention or event and are looking for a guest that's been reporting on the geekcentric world of TV and Movies for over a decade?  Jessica Dwyer is available to both be a guest at your event as a panelist or to help moderate and host events at your show.


If you are looking for publicity and PR for your next project you can hire Jessica to help assist on getting your new film, book, or project exposure and word of mouth.  


Jessica is currently working on new writing projects including scripts, novels, and production support on some very exciting prospects. Fangirl Enterprises will keep you in the loop on all that's going on. 

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