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Hosting, Panels, & Conventions


Jessica has been the moderator of various panels over the years including such highlights as the "Freddy Vs Jason" reunion at HorrorHound Weekend as well as the Mads Mikkelsen "Hannibal" panel.  She brings a sense of fun to each event as well as respect to the guests on the panel and to the audience and a knowledge of the subjects being discussed and showcased.


She's been the lead host of Fangirl Radio for the last four years and continues to bring in great talent to the show for guest interviews as well as expanding the listner base.  She's also been a guest on other internet radio and podcasts.


Jessica has also been the guest at conventions such as Geek Girl Con and Wizard World.  


Would you like Jessica to be a host or guest at your next convention event?  Contact her via at or via the contact page on this site.

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