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Jessica Will Be Appearing at Wizard World Portland Feb 19th & 20th

Jessica Dwyer will be appearing at Wizard World's Portland show February 19th through the 20th on multiple panels. Here's her schedule that's full of Doctor Who and comic book geekery!

Friday Feb 19th

5:30-6:15PM INSIDE THE BLUE BOX (C123) You find them in gardens, yards, inside libraries and people’s homes; even painted on front doors. Large, blue boxes marked “Police Public Call Box.” If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, you may not even notice them, but once you are introduced to them, a TARDIS will never again escape your notice. When the show made a resurgence in 2005, the fandom exploded and so did the creativity. Inside a Blue Box is a look at three individuals who have gone to the lengths of building TARDISes. Why would someone undertake constructing a TARDIS? The builders and fans will speak to the importance of Doctor Who and the TARDIS and why this blue box has won such a special place in the hearts of Doctor Who fandom. Join us after the film screening for a Q&A with the director and some of the interviewees. Panelists include Sarah & Caleb Buck, and Jessica Dwyer. Moderated by Nowal Massari.

7:00-7:45PM MARVEL VS DC: THE DAWN OF NERDOM (B110) Nothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC films. However, not all films are created equal. Join profession nerds as they compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) TV shows and films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe. Hosted by Tony Kim (

Saturday Feb 20th

2:30-3:15PM DOCTOR WHO: A JOURNEY THROUGH GENRES (B119) Writer and lifelong Whovian Jessica Dwyer continues from her video series "Doctor Who: A Journey Through Genres" to the Wizard World stage with a panel discussing Doctor Who's unique and perfect storytelling world that allows crossing over into various story genres such as horror, sci-fi, westerns, etc. Also it will cover how the series episodes touches on previous works such as "Frankenstein" and predates others like "Alien" and "The Thing."

Be sure to check it out if you are in the Portland area! It's a great show packed with a ton of guests including Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, and John Barrowman from Doctor Who.

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